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August 2009



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Aug. 4th, 2009


(no subject)

gonna be recording a new EP soon, gonna handmake 50 copies like i did the last ep, probably eventually get these ep's pressed as one cd. this one as of right now is titled "separate lives, secret dreams, missed oppurtunities" still doodling around with artwork. track listing will be something like this

1) all of my scars
2) fractured dreams (& reality)
3) betrayed (assuming i can play it)
4) at the graveyard of broken thoughts
5) examine his head (fleshed out version)
6) me vs myself (fleshed out version
7) bloodied & bruised (fleshed out version)

and who knows i may throw some more on, or write something new between now and then but this is what it's looking like it'll shape up to be.

may change the title to separate lives, secret dreams, separate identities but im leaning towards the other one (unless i change it completely)

Jul. 27th, 2009


new song, "all of my scars"

lately i have been thinking
of missed oppurtunities
and what i've thrown away
but the older i get
it's the chances i've missed
that tend to stick around

so full speed ahead and damn the tomorrows

i dont want to die without any scars
and i dont want to think (that life will always be so hard)
but the older i get
the more it seems like it, and i dont want to stick around

i was gonna write you a song
but it wasn't sad enough to sing
and i currently dont want to feel anything
cause i'm stuck in my head
when i'm laying in my bed
and i hate feeling so alone

but i dont want to die without any scars
so full speed ahead, and damn the tomorrows

i got skeletons in my closet (im a disappointment)
and their secrets are getting to loud
and starting to seep out

Jul. 17th, 2009


(no subject)

got a dear john email at 5am getting broke up with by a girl i wasn't even official with yet, i really suck with girls apparently. lame, consider me disappointed.

Jul. 15th, 2009


(no subject)

been busy, busy busy.

i've been going on dates with this awesome girl named tiffany. though i did get her sick with a throat thing that's similar to strep. oops im sorry. she's been sick the last four days so i haven't seen her but hopefully will get to see her after she gets off work tomorrow *fingers crossed* i've been watching my dog hannah while my parents/family was in california. my mom's coming to get her tomorrow. i'm really gonna miss that damn dog. i'm hoping maybe i can somehow convince my mom that she wants to take banana and not hannah, or maybe that banana will somehow morph into a siberian husky. work kind of sucks, they've either driven away or fired all but one of the people i like. i may go look for new jobs tomorrow. life has been up and down but im generally fond of it lately. i'll be much more fond of it when tiffany isn't sick and can hang out with me again. hope you are doing well
- seth

May. 28th, 2009


(no subject)


my acoustic record i recorded today.
it's called
Litost - It's Hard to Be Alive
1) Bloodied & Bruised
2) Deathbed
3) Examine His Head
4) Ghost in the City
5) The Greatest Work of Art
6) "L" is for "Loss of Self"
7) Me vs Myself (a Metaphorical Death)
8) Vacant
9) The Greatest Work of Art (full band)
10) Blowing Kisses at Bikers (full band)

if you like it please let me know, im hand making copies with hand drawn covers and for $10 (which goes to the generous foundation of help Seth pay rent) you get 19 tracks, a hand drawn cover and a cd that i'd like to think is good.
- s.

May. 22nd, 2009


(no subject)

i moved out to college station this last week. i have a duplex and stolen internet haha. anyways im going to be going to school out here and i'm enjoying it right now, i'll enjoy it more when i know more people and have a job. im going back to houston tomorrow though. how have you been?

Apr. 5th, 2009



i am now officially old

Mar. 9th, 2009


(no subject)

i've only been at my current job for not even two months
and rumor has it that i should be getting a promotion
to front end manager very soon. how sweet is that?

(no subject)

things have been going well. im really glad spring break is coming up
shaun and i are going to drive out there next wednesday afternoon. we'll
catch kevin devine, annuals, and manchester orchestra that night, and we
will stay there till sunday, i also hope to see cursive, this will destroy you,
gallows, okkervil river, and a couple other bands. other then that we are gonna
go party it up with shauns old friends since that's where he's from. we're
staying in his old house.

on a side note i skip class to much, im dropping my theatre class cause it
gets out to late and is getting in the way of work. i no longer have a lead guitarist
as kenny decided he wants to dedicate all the time he has to campfire stories
which is totally understandable .im on the search again. i may have a bass player.
i really hate looking for band members. i wish i could find a cello player, that'd be sweet

ive been busting my ass at work and it's paying off, i wouldn't be suprised if i get
a promotion within 3 months or so. most people go to me when they have to ask someone
how to do stuff and i've only been there a month. weird, but sweet. hopefully management
notices. i could use a raise badly.

awesome things coming up:
- new car in april
- spring break (as noted above)
- should be moving out once i have acquired a car, probably will rent a house with shuan
- i really dont have anything to complain about, and THAT is awesome


Feb. 23rd, 2009


(no subject)

life has been odd lately, but when is it not really?
ive been talking with some girl from my math class
but sadly she has an overprotective boyfriend who
doesn't like her hanging out with guys other then him
i dont understand how girls let guys tell them who
they can be friends with. fucking lame. im doing fairly
well in all my classes, gave a kickass presentation in
theatre the other day on mel brooks. ive been happy lately
ive found when i look for happiness, and dont look at
everything so cynically, and just try to enjoy life that im
actually a pretty content person, and that... that is
mindblowing, a light at the end of the tunnel. my new
group of friends that i've been hanging out with since
the big blow up in october have really helped me come
out of my shyness shell, and the trying to do things i want
thing i had been working on last year, the whole im going
to take charge of my own happiness thing? yeah that
thing has gone much better, cause these dudes are
big believers in telling people what they think and just
not holding shit back. since i've started coming out of
my shell from them, i've been making tons of more friends,
going out nearly every night (drinking to much) and talking
to way more girls. i think i've actually gotten more numbers
from girls in the last 6 months, then i have in the last two
years. i've found my self esteem doing way better, and im
just generally a much more confident person these days.
it's amazing how much life can change in a short time.

my band played a show last tuesday and it went really
well. we played a 6 song set, i had a full band for four of the
songs and they all really enjoy the music. they were fans of
the band from playing shows with their band and we all
share the same love of early 90's emo. michael and i used
to work together and it really sounds great. it was the best
show performance and sound wise that i have played in
probably the last two years. i feel so much better about the
band now that i dont have to worry about every show being
a disaster full of fuck up's because of my drummer. on top
of that, all three of my current band members promote the
shows and there were probably 60+ people at our last show
and i actually had a lot of people talk to me. had a guy that
liked our music so much, he started talking to me while in
the bathroom. which i k now there is some dude law saying
do not talk to me in the bathroom but he was really nice
asked what bands we listen to, told us it reminded him of
seeing 'and you will know us by the trail of dead' live. which
was a huge fucking compliment, considering the only time
i've seen them live it was one of the best performances i've ever
seen. i mean they trashed the stage THREE TIMES, as an
OPENER. doesn't get better then that dudes. anyways it's
really a beautiful day out, everyone should go out and enjoy
the sunshine. we dont always have awesome weather like

<3 seth

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